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Composting Service Yancey County


The Celo Area
Compost Association

A Community Composting Service from MAYTime.

Convenient. Simple. Free*.


A recent survey found that...

72% of Americans do NOT compost their food waste.

Of those who do not, 67% WOULD if it were more convenient to do so.

62% of Americans would NOT support any increase in their waste disposal fees to have food waste composted.

MAYTime's Answer is the Celo Area Compost Association.

Here's How It Works

1) Contact me (Mark Langner) to enroll, and for an orientation.

2) Pick up four 3- or 5-gallon plastic containers, with tight-fitting lids. You can often get these at Ingles in the bakery department for $1 each. Or you can get them from me for $1 each. These are your CACA Buckets.

3) Accumulate your kitchen scraps and other compostables in one of your buckets. These are best stored in a garage or carport.

4) At your convenience, take your full CACA Buckets to one of MAYTime's local exchange points and pick up empty containers. Currently there is one exchange point in Micaville. There will soon be another in Celo and one in Burnsville.

* The Fine Print:

This is a donation-based service. I ask for your support in making this work. It will take time, effort, and money to provide this service.

I don’t need the compostables – I already have free access to more materials than MAYTime can handle.

But it is my vision to have a service like this in our community, and to see food waste composted, not buried in a landfill.

With all that in mind, I will maintain a donation box at each exchange site. Donations to support this service are strictly optional, and at your discretion. Placing a dollar or two in the donation box each time you drop off a bucket will help keep this service growing. (Of course you can feel free to donate more at any time!)


Compost Yancey County


This is recycling that you can
hold in your hands – and you will
see and enjoy the results
in your gardens.





To Enroll: email

or call 8 2 8 - 2 3 1 - 9 3 5 2

Or come visit MAYTime!


Between 60 and 80% of everything we send to landfills is compostable.
When this material decays, it produces methane - a greenhouse gas.
You can help change this. Join the Composting Circle.


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